RM Andy Janer's Pictures from his tour 1950-51

1951 Base Basketball Team
Top: O. Hadley, R. Williams, G. Murphy, E. Russell, E. Andonian
Bottom: G. Madson, S. Chazen, HM1 Peckenpaugh - Team Manager, J. McManus, G. Frazier

Back: Ionardi, E. Russell
Front: O. Hadley, E. Andonian, Andy Janer, Charles 'Hoppy' Hopkins

Rear: Andy Janer
Front: Ionardi, G. Jellerson

This picture was taken from on top of the bunker (mound of dirt that surrounded the main station receiver) looking out towards the antenna fields

Taken from same location, but looking at the Mess Hall
Compared to the 60's and 70's, these sailors had it pretty rough!

Ionardi at the Airport to Meet the Bi-Weekly Supply Plane

S. Chazen meets the same Plane

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