The following pictures were provided by RM Buddy Eidson from his 1965-69 Tour

Wesley Dahl, 77 Carlisle Road flat.

Steve Ochinang

Steve Ochinang and his wife, Pat

The Guild Hall

The Diamond

Derry Snow. Picture taken from Buddy's Base housing door step
looking towards Clooney Road.

An Irish Peat Bog

Program from Buddy's first motor cross race

Steve Pratt

Buddy's son Wayne, who was born in Derry, with 'unknown' sailor (We need a name.)

Buddy re-enlisting, (with his now ex-wife) Marlene and Capt. C.J. Zane

Marlene and Buddy Eidson, Myrna and Jim Pfister
at Base Christmas Party

Buddy's Base Jacket Patch from 1966

Postcard of Derry, late 60's, sent to Buddy by his former landlady's (Mrs. Fowler) daughter.
Derry city on the River Foyle, is famous for its 17th century walls which still encircle the old city. Derry is a place of well laid out streets, many of which both within and without the walls, are very steep. As well as being a seaport of considerable importance the city is noted for the manufacture of shirts and collars. (From the reverse side of the postcard)

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