The following pictures were provided by Byron Hodgkins
Byron was an RM and served on the Base in 1960-62

Here is Byron Hodgkins and his Derry Bride, the former Frances Duffy, on their wedding day in 1961

Here is Byron just prior to attending RM 'A' School in 1959

Here is Byron + Frankie's Flat on Creggan St (that's Byron in tan coat), 1961

Some Flats on William St, 1961

The Lower Road, 1961

Craigavon Bridge Postcard, 1962

The Diamond Postcard, 1962

St. Eugene's Cathedral Postcard, 1962

Foyle River Postcard, 1962

The Melville Hotel Postcard, 1962

Shipquay Street Postcard, 1990's

Stanley's Walk, Frankie (Duffy) Hodgkins' Home Street, Circa: 1990's

Derry's Craft Village, Inside the Wall, Circa: 1990's

Here are Byron and wife Frankie celebrating St. Patrick's Day in 1995

Here are Byron and his wife Frankie, Circa: 2000

Here is Frankie Hodgkins and former Derry Mayor Jim Guy

Here are Willie and Sally Duffy, and Frankie Hodgkins, visiting the Bushmills Distillery, 2000

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