Date: 12 Jan 2006

To: "NCS Londonderry Alumni Association" 

From: Jim Sullivan

Subject: Londonderry Alumni Association; Year 2007 Reunion Information


Greetings fellow members of the U.S. Navcommsta Londonderry Alumni Association.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I take great pleasure in announcing the dates and location of our Year 2007 Reunion.

(1) Location: We are returning to Derry, the site of our hugely successful 2003 reunion.

(2) Dates: Monday, July 30th through Friday, August 3rd, 2007.

(3) Headquarters Hotel: The City Hotel, which did such a fine job for our 2003 reunion.

(4) Events: As with our 2003 reunion, we are planning the following events:

(A) An opening night "Members" reception.
(B) A mid-week "Grand Gala" reception.
(C) A closing night "Members" dinner dance.
(D) And on the planning board, a Golf Tournament, a Bus Tour, a Cruise on the River Foyle, and a trip to the Ulster American Folk Park, depending upon member interest.

What I need from you at this time is some thought on whether or not you plan to attend this Derry Reunion in 2007.

Yes, it is over a year and a half from now, but we do expect that you might now be able to tell us either "NO" or "MAYBE" regarding your attendance.

We do need you to reply so we can ascertain who might not be receiving messages via e-mail and thus will need to be contacted by other means.

So, if you are certain you will NOT be able to attend our Year 2007 reunion, please take a moment RIGHT NOW and e-mail me back with your FULL NAME and the word "NO" in the subject line.

Likewise, if you think you might be able to attend, but are not sure, please take a moment RIGHT NOW and e-mail me back with your FULL NAME and the word "MAYBE" in the subject line.

Of course, if you feel you want to indicate "HELL YES", I guess that is OK, too!

But, PLEASE, PLEASE, do respond now!

Early next year, after the holiday period, all hands will receive an e-mail from me indicating our Internet website has been updated to include reunion registration forms, pricing of the events, hotel rooms, etc., event ticket requests; and other reunion related information.

In closing, we do hope you will be able to join with us in 2007, when we return to "The Town That We Loved So Well."

For the Board of Directors,

Jim "Sully" Sullivan, (RM, 64-65)
Secretary, U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association

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