To: "NCS Londonderry Alumni Association" 

From: Jim Sullivan

Subject: Derry Alumni: "Did You Know..? (#4) New Web Master and Website Update


Greetings Fellow Members of the U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association:

On Thursday, May 25, 2006, I (that would be me, Jim Sullivan) assumed the duties of Web Master for our Alumni Association Web Site.

My first day was spent modifying each of the various sections of the web site in an attempt to give the entire website a newer, fresher, hipper, (anymore adjectives?) and hopefully more "up to date" look.

My second day was spent updating the website content with informational changes to which I had access, or which were made available to me.

My third day was spent testing everything to ensure I hadn't totally crashed the website.

I hope you enjoy the new format. I'm interested in receiving any comments, etc., as long as they don't include any "Swear Words!"  You can e-mail them to me at:

Now it's your turn.  I'm certain there are still more informational changes that need to be made. So, visit the website (there's a link at the bottom of this message) and look over your information, and should you find any information that is incorrect and needs changing, or needs adding, or anything else, please send me an e-mail message with it (remember to include YOUR NAME in the message, please.) 

Especially check:

Your e-mail address in the Members List if you've had a recent change.

And do check the City & State listing available from the Members List for any errors.

If you are a new (or not so new) member, and your information is not yet listed on the Members List, please complete and submit another Membership Form located in the How to Join section.

If you've informed us of the passing of a member, please check the TAPS listing and see if it has been included.

Basically, I'm asking you to take the whole web site out for a TEST DRIVE. Look it over, kick the tires, see if there are any errors, and then get back to me.

I plan on updating the website on a weekly basis, so any changes or additions you send me by Friday of each week will be made on that weekend.

Don't send any photos yet, as I'd like to concentrate on getting informational items updated first.

All the best,
Jim "Sully" Sullivan, (RM, 64-65)
Vice President, U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association

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