August 3, 2006

To: "NCS Londonderry Alumni Association" 

From: Jim Sullivan

Subject: Derry Alumni: August 2006 News Bulletin


Greetings Fellow Members of the U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association.


We welcomed the following new member during the month of July:

Gerry Erman USN(Ret), SK, 70 to 74. 


The following members reported a change to their E-mail addresses (Thanks for sending in the notice!):

Greg Allard, RM, 70 to 71
Joseph Retcho, SN, 12/42 to 11/43
Don Brotherton, RM, 65 to 68
Thomas Conrad, PN, 10/72 to 11/74
John Whitlock, RM, 8/70 to 12/73
Earle 'Lee' McConaha USN(Ret), RM, 62 to 65
Bob Martin, CYN/YN, 5/71 to 11/72 


In our FAVORITE LINKS Section :

A Link to a 2003 magazine article written by Derryman John Deehan, who now lives in Canada, about his boyhood memories of the U.S. Navy sailors stationed in his hometown of Derry.

A Link to "Irish Identity": a site for the Irish, both at home and abroad, and especially the Irish Diaspora - all 100 million of us scattered around the four corners of the globe.

A Link to a musical/pictorial THANK YOU to our World War II veterans.


A NEW section, The 500 CLUB, has been added to the web site, documenting our "Derry Scholarship Fund" activities.


THEN & NOW photos of new member Joseph 'Jody' Wells, ET, 63 to 66, were added to the Members List.


Visit our Reunions Section for the latest information on our 2007 Reunion in Derry.


Obviously, not much going on as far as any website updates. So, I should have time to work on NEW photos that some of you members have been gathering together for submission and inclusion on the web site. You can start e-mailing them in to me at anytime.

All the best,
Jim "Sully" Sullivan, Vice-President USNLAA

PS: Please keep the Alumni Association informed of any changes in your e-mail address, or your postal mailing address. We can't keep you informed, if we can't find you!

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