September 7, 2006

To: "NCS Londonderry Alumni Association" 

From: Jim Sullivan

Subject: Derry Alumni: September 2006 News Bulletin


Greetings Fellow Members of the U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association.


We welcomed the following new member since our last News Bulletin:

John Mc Aleer, RM, 8/71 to 5/73.

Not a member yet, but we do have contact information for: Richard 'Dick' Marchesani (YN, 64-66) at e-mail address:


The following members reported a change to their E-mail addresses (Thanks for sending in the notice!):

Phillip 'Chief' Fusilier, CYN, 2/70 to 8/71.
Joyce McGowan Kent, wife of the late William Kent, RM, 58-61, 64-67.
Thomas Pacileo USN(Ret), RM, 60 to 61.
Robert 'Zeke' Fazekas, RM, 6/65-1/67.
Mike Quinn USN(Ret), ET, 71 to 74.
John T. 'Jack' Flynn, ET, 5/61 to 11/62.
Aubrie 'Al' Hess USN(Ret), LT., 6/66 to 9/68.
Sero Startoni, GM, 11/43 to 8/44.

Also, new e-mail addresses for:

Derry Bride Joan Callan, Mrs. Thomas Pacileo, RM, 60 to 61.
Derry Bride Jean McMonagle, Mrs. Larry Sink, ET, 66 to 68.
Derry Bride Alice Struthers, Mrs. Robert 'Bob' Gradisher, RM, 64 to 67.
Derry Girl Marie (Mc Nicholl) Alfieri.
Derry Girl Valerie (Perry) McAnally.

Newly INVALID e-mail Addresses - if you have a new e-mail address for any of these members, please send it on to Jim Sullivan.

John 'Wally' Kowalik, ET, 11/66 to 6/68
Joseph 'Joe' Visco USN(Ret), RM, 12/63-6/65; 3/67-4/69
Thomas Beyer, RM, 73 to 77
Don Brotherton, RM, 65 to 68
James 'Jim' Pfister, RM, 10/67 to 6/69
Peter Banta USN(Ret), RM, 10/63 to 10/67
A.J. 'Tex' Holder, RM, 10/70 to 2/72


NOW photo of member John 'Jack' Butrovich USN(Ret), Lt., 68 to 70, was added to the Members List.


Regarding the upcoming October 18-21, 2006, "Circa 1960 Group Mini-Reunion" at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in Virginia Beach, Va. We received the following message from reunion planner Len "Kaf" Kafer and his wife Paula which we'd like to pass on to all members:

Hey there Shipmates and Best Buddies,
We are fast getting to the cutoff date with the Holiday Inn for reservations for the 2006 Derry Mini Reunion If you have plans to attend and stay at the hotel, please contact them within the next few days. The cutoff date will be early in Oct, after that it will be based on availability and the rate may not be available. So please contact the hotel now. If you will not stay at the hotel, but will attend our hospitality room and/or any of the events at the hotel, also please let us know that, so we have an idea on how to allocate the costs per person for each event. Thank you. We are sorry it is taking so long to finalize all the events with the hotel and to get you the final costs. The hotel has just hired a new events manager and this is the reason why it has been delayed. However, we fully expect to have this info out to you this week. Two years ago we had over 50 great people attend the Mini. Lets hope this year we can increase the number Please remember, ALL ARE WELCOME, we have a common thread with the Navy and Derry, and the rest is just all about great Shipmates and Best Buddies getting together to swap sea-stories and relive great old times that we were all part of. Even though Paula and I cannot be there, our hearts will be there with each of you and we will have very long faces that we will not be able to see all our dear friends at this time… We do plan to be in Derry next year, and as we are now living in Paris, if any of you plan to come through Paris anytime, please let us know. We can be reached by e-mail or by cell on 1-920-216-3921. We can find a great bottle of wine to swap sea-stories over ! ! ! ! ! Best regards and may God Bless us all, Your friends, Paula and "Kaf"

Note: Additional information concerning this reunion can be found in the REUNIONS section of the Alumni Association web site.

That's all for now.

All the best,
Jim "Sully" Sullivan, Vice-President USNLAA

PS: Please keep the Alumni Association informed of any changes in your e-mail address, or your postal mailing address. We can't keep you informed, if we can't find you!

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