November 2, 2006

To: "NCS Londonderry Alumni Association" 

From: Jim Sullivan

Subject: Derry Alumni: November 2006 News Bulletin


Greetings Fellow Members of the U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association.


We welcomed the following two new members since our last News Bulletin:

Morris 'Joe/Pete' Peterson, ET, 1/74 to 1/76.
Jim Jordan, CYN, 12/66 to 11/68.


The following members reported a change to their E-mail addresses (Thanks for sending in the notice!):

Leo G. Sangiolo, USN(Ret), TM, 4/43 to 8/44.
Jerry Floyd, RM, 1/59 to 5/60.
Gladys Ming Kendrix, wife of the late Frank Kendrix, ET, 1958 to 1961.
Gordon 'Sage' Scherbarth USN(Ret), RM, 8/70 to 9/74.
Christian Paul, YN, 6/45 to 12/46.
Janet 'Jan' Steadman (now: Janet Dixon), RM, 76 to 77.
Arthur 'Art' Saraphis USN(Ret), SK, 61 to 62.


Our "CITY & STATE" Members listing has been updated. Please check your entry to ensure we have your correct location information. This City State listing is accessible from the "MEMBERS LIST" section, and is helpful in locating other members from your home area, or areas you may be visiting in the future.


Additions to our NEWS BULLETINS Section, including the Board Meeting Minutes from the August 10, 2006 board meeting have been added to this section. Note: At the meeting, the Board approved making Alumni Association financial reports available to the membership. If you are a member and would like a copy of the latest financial report, mail your request (note: only mail requests will be honored) to the Alumni Association Treasurer, along with a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope). See the "Who We Are" Section for the mailing address.


An addition to our "Searching For" Section.


In our "Favorite Links" Section:

Member Jim Gola's (RM, 60 to 63) web site gallery of his art work. Plenty of Derry scenes. Well worth the visit!

That's all for now.

All the best,
Jim "Sully" Sullivan, Vice-President USNLAA

PS: Please keep the Alumni Association informed of any changes in your e-mail address, or your postal mailing address. We can't keep you informed, if we can't find you!

If you do not wish to be included in future emails to this mailing list, send an email to: with the subject: unsubscribe. You will be removed from our emailing list prior to the next e-mail.


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