The following pictures were provided by RM Chuck Brozek from his 1964-68 Tour

FIRST Picture Group: New Year's Eve Party, EM Club, 1964.

Action on the Dance Floor
Some recognizable faces, from the left: Ron Sohns, Bruce Worth (with glasses).

(L to R): (?), Dave Fling, Pat Hegherty, Jo Kane, Bob Gradisher

(L to R): Meta Coyle, Ann McCordt, Pat Hegherty, (?).
At the bar, Pete Dirsa, Pappy Reeves

(L to R): Jo Kane, Bob Nemits, Meta Coyle, Ann McCordt, Marie (married Charlie Bugbe), RM Chuck Brozek, Jo Nash

(L to R): (?), Bob Nemits, (?)

(L to R): Jerry Thibault, (?), Bob Nemits

Val Robinson (later Mrs. Jim Salisbury)

SECOND Picture Group: Barracks Life, 1964-66.

Chuck Brozek and Deen Dennis, in Dean's Cube, 1965

Deen Dennis and Chuck Brozek, at military training, 1965.
(note the mop and scrub brush)

Rod Maysick, 1966

Mike McIntosh, 1966

ET Harris (?), 1966

Scott Bennett (?), 1966

RM John Davis, 1966

RM Pete Hazelton, 1966

Chuck Brozek on Restriction in his Cube, 1966

Clifford Perry, Cube 209, 1966

Unknown, 1968

Art Wall, 1966

THIRD Picture Group: People and Parties, 1966-68.

Tony Audia, Pearl Boyd, Harry Souders, and Marie, 1966
(Thanks to Mike Sansone for identifying Marie)

Ken Gallagher (owner of the GoGo Club, Hayloft, Casbah, & Ken's Den), 1966

Dave Gaudreau and Joe Waters at the GoGo Club, 1966.

Jim 'Whitey' Whiting and Una 'Big U' Gallagher, at the GoGo Club, 1967

John Spellman, (?), Elmer 'Doc' Taylor, at the GoGo Club, 1967.

Jo Kane and George McNiff, at GoGo club, before marriage, 1967.

Rose O'Rielly and Russell (last name?), GoGo Club, 1967.

Dominick and Mandy at the GoGo Club Cloak Room

Lena McCourt at the GoGo Club, 1967.

Collum McManamum, Dominick, (Norman?), at GoGo club, 1967.

Collum McManamum and Jean (Norm's Wife), GoGo Club, 1967.

Gabriel Doherty, at the GoGo Club, 1967.

Yank Base Dart Team, 1967
Top: Chief Hensley, Don Thrasher, Gobish, Whiting, Tom Bashaw?
Bottom: Chuck Brozek, Henry Lee Bones, Arnold Jenks

Chuck Brozek shows his winning form at Darts, 1966.

Marty Friel and Jim McKee, old EM Club, 1967.

Thanks for identifying the photo Jim

Figilonie(?) and Rich Manney, 1966

John Spellman at 5 Sackville Street, 1966

Marie McNichol, 1969

Dave Gaudreau at 5 Sackville St, 1968

5 Sackville Street, 'The Party Place', 1968

(A) Frank Frevele, and (?), 1968

(B) Need Names, 1968

(C) Frank Frevele, and (?), 1968

(D) (Young Lady ?) and Seamus Quigley - youngest brother of Johnny Quigley 1968

Thanks to Jim McKee for ID


(E) Need Names, Gobish (second from right), 1968

(F) Second and Third from Left: Jack Gemelke and his wife Ann McCourt; Need other names, 1968

Albert Corscaden, Landlord of Chuck's Pump St. and Sackville St. Flats

Roy Spencer, up in the mountains S.E. of Derry, 1967

FOURTH Picture Group: Derry City Scenes, 1966-68.

The Diamond, 1967.

City Wall, from First Primary School towards the Grand Parade, 1967.

Waterloo Place Circle

The Antenna Field at the Receiver Site, Derry in the background

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