Attendee List for Charleston Reunion - September 17 - 20, 2009. ==============================================================================================

Ken and Pam Baker
Fred and Joyce Beiner
Dave and Margaret Bland
Chuck Brozek
Gordon and Wanda Burns
Mike and Kathleen Burns
Ron and Karin Bushey
Paul and Dolores Cafasso
Boe Campbell and Michelle Mann
June Carpenter
Ray Crossman
Harvey and Marie Day
Elwood and Sally Dunlap
Kathleen Gallagher Dunlap
Michael Ellis
Robert Flint
John and Mary Flynn
Gene and Lucia Graeff
Russ and Shawn Guidotti
John and Regina Hart
Robert and Virginia Hase
Jim and Veronica Henderson
Byron and Frances Hodgkins
Mary Hudgins
Len and Annette Joslyn
Janet Karns
Raymond and Susan Kelley
Ronnie and Carmen Kelley
Bobby and Andra Kelley
Joyce Kent
Dave and Kathleen Kier
Dennis and Rosemary Kolodziej
Louis and Carol Loria
Walter and Barbara Loveless
Joseph and Karen Maher
Virgil and Lynn Mixon
Steve and Bernadette Moore
Karl and Ann Nitschke
Thomas and Joan Pacileo
George and Patricia Ramsden
Robert and Belle Redmond
John and June Reigle
John and Patricia Sadler
Sabrina, Jonthan, and Jacob Cornett
Leo Sangiolo
Art Saraphis
Alan Smith
Ron Spadafora
Richard and Elizabeth Stacy
Jim and Mary Ann Sullivan
Dean Taylor
Clarence and Pat Thigpen
Joseph and Sue Voll
Capt. Raymond Ward
Elizabeth Washburn
Joseph and Judy Wells
James and Gloria Ratley
Alfred and Hannah Whitehead
Richard and Kathleen Williams
Agnes Doherty
Marie Moul
Bruce and Elizabeth Worth

Note: If you think your name should be listed as an attendee, but is not, please contact Dennis Kolodziej.  

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