The following pictures are from Capt Ward's tours
1957 - 1960 and 1967 - 1970


Circa: 1969
Clooney Base

Christmas 1969 - Front Gate

Circa: 1959
Old Manual Relay

Circa: 1959
Tech Control - Patch Panels and TTY Bank

Entrance Road - Flag Pole

Mess Hall and Barracks

Chow Line

Fruend Recreation Bldg - Disbursing - Comm Center

Sampson Hall setup for BBC Show

Power for BBC Show

Lifeboat Ball in Sampson Hall

Recreation Bldg
Base Theatre - Library - Navy Exchange Cafeteria - EM Club

EM Club
Navy Exchange Cafeteria



Emergency Power - Clooney

Foyle from Clooney Terrace

Main Entrance Road - Winter Snow

CO's Quarters - Winter Snow

CO's Quarters

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