Commanding Officers and Executive Officers



        U.S. Naval communications in Northern Ireland began out of necessity when the U.S. Naval Operating Base (NOB) at Londonderry became a center of military activity at the beginning of World War II. Allied communications centered around a radio facility which was established as an integral part of the Naval Operating Base (NOB) on 3 February 1942.  In 1943 the U.S. Navy acquired use of the land upon which the Clooney and Rossdowney compounds were later situated. 

        The U.S. Naval Radio Station (NAVRADSTA), Londonderry, was established as a separate activity from the U.S. Naval Operating Base (NOB) on 10 July 1944. Thus, this date is considered the actual commencement date of NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry . One month later, on 15 August 1944, the U.S. Naval Operating Base (NOB) was de-commissioned, leaving the NAVRADSTA, and its sailors, as the only remaining U.S. Navy activity in Londonderry. 

        On 7 November 1950 the NAVRADSTA at Londonderry was re-designated as a U.S. Naval Radio Facility (NAVRADFAC). It was later designated a U.S. Naval Communications Station (NAVCOMMSTA) on 10 July, 1961.  

        U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry was disestablished on September 30, 1977, ending a 35 year history of U.S. Naval communications in Londonderry, N.I., and ending what had been a very long and close relationship of U.S. Navy Sailors with the Londonderry community.  At the time of its closing, it had been the oldest U.S. naval facility in Europe. No other U.S. military service, neither the U.S. Army, nor the U.S. Marines, both of whom who left at the end of WWII, stayed in Londonderry longer than the U.S. Navy. 


Commanding Officers (CO), and Officers in Charge (OIC)

            NOB                  1942:                          W. J. Larsen, Captain, CO  
                                 1942-1943:               James A. Logan, Commodore, CO
                                       1943-1943:               Harry L. Thompson, Captain, CO
                                       1943-1943:               C. C. Baughman, Commodore, CO
                                       1943-1944:               V. L. Kirkman, Captain, CO
            NAVRADSTA    1944-1945:               Perry J. Johnson, Lieutenant Commander, OIC
                                       1945:                          John Fahey, Lieutenant, OIC  
                                       1945-1947:                H. J. Lang, Commander, OIC
                                       1947-1950:                D. C. Ward, Lieutenant, OIC   
            NAVRADFAC   1950-1953:                F. G. Wilson, Lieutenant, OIC
                                       1953-1955:                Wally Noel, Lieutenant Commander, OIC
                                       1955-1957:                Claude E. Hale, Lieutenant, OIC 
                                       1957-1960:                Raymond Ward, Lieutenant Commander, OIC 
           NAVCOMMSTA 1960-1962:                R. M. Petty, Commander, CO
                                       1962-1964:                R. G. Merritt, Captain, CO 
                                       1964-1965:                Albert P. Carpenter, Captain, CO 
                                       1965-1967:                Curtis J. (Casey) Zane,  Captain, CO
                                       1967-1970:                Raymond E. Ward, Captain, CO
                                       1970-1972:                William Lynch, Captain, CO
                                       1972-1974:                Albert J. Ashurst, Captain, CO 
                                       1974-1976:                Paul R. Byrd, Captain, CO 
                                       1976:                          Robert McManis, Commander, CO
                                       1976-1977:               Thomas McKeown, Jr., Captain, CO  

Executive Officers (XO), and Assistant Officers in Charge (AOIC)

           NOB                    1942-1943:                Harry L. Thompson, Captain, XO
                                        1943-1944:                John E. Williams, Commander, XO
           NAVRADSTA      1944-1946:               Jennings Poole, Lieutenant, AOIC  (may be incorrect)
                                        1946:                           F. S. Inman, Lieutenant(jg), AOIC (may be incorrect)
                                        1947-1950:                unknown
          NAVRADFAC      1950-1953:                 W. E. Walker, CWO3, AOIC 
                                        1953-1955:                Clifton, Lieutenant(jg), AOIC
                                        1955-1957:                John  Kistner, Lieutenant(jg), AOIC
                                        1957-1960:                John J.
Flynn, Lieutenant, AOIC
           NAVCOMMSTA  1960-1962:                W. B. Lower, Lieutenant Commander, XO
                                        1962-1964:                Edwin H. DeFriez, Lieutenant Commander, XO 
                                        1964-1965:                William D. Wilson, Lieutenant Commander, XO
                                        1965-1967:                Robert F. Elfsten, Lieutenant Commander, XO
                                        1967-1969:                Rodolphe E. (Rudy) Corbeil, Lieutenant Commander, XO
                                        1969-1970:                John J. Boesenberg, Lieutenant Commander, XO
                                        1970-1971:                Francis E. Cornett, Commander, XO
                                        1971-1974:                C. A. Murphy, Commander, XO
                                        1974-1976:                William B. Reinhart, Commander, XO
                                        1976-1977:                Robert McManis, Commander, XO
                                        1977:                          Thomas S. Johnson, Lieutenant, XO  

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