The following pictures are from RM3 David Borjes's tour 1975 - 1976

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RM3 David Borjes
Circa 1976

RM2 Sherman Kinsey, Unknown, RM2 Bob McAley
Circa 1976

RM2 Bob McAley - arm in sling
Circa 1976

RMSN Daniel Weatherbee

RM Unknown: Circa 1976

ETR3 Grant 'Willie' Williams and ETN3 Pete Peterson sitting at table
Tommy Beard in background at the EM Club:
Circa 30 Mar 1975

RM1 Jerry Keenan and RM3 Kathy Delahanty Keenan: Circa 1976

RM3 Cathy Delahanty Keenan: Circa 1976

RM Mick Cussimanio: Circa 1976

RM Mick Cussimanio and Bernadette: Circa 1976

RM3 Rich Davis: Circa 1976

RM3 Rich Davis: Circa 1976

SK1 Bill Conlin and PN1 Bobby James: Circa 1976

Peggy McAley: Circa 1976

Unknown, Unknown: Circa 1976

Unknown Location - If you can identify this place, please contact the Webmaster

Unknown Location

Old Barracks

HM2 Jerry ???

DK1 Shaffer, HM3 Fleming, RM3 David Borjes


Unknown Unknown Unknown


Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

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