Attendee List for 2011 Derry Reunion, as of 1 July 2011.

Joseph and Myra Banks Jr.
Howard and Juliette Batchelor
John and Rose Bauer
Catherine Doherty - guest
Patsy Doherty - guest
Dave Bland
Chuck Brozek
Paul and Dolores Cafasso
June Carpenter
Jackie Daunt - guest
Wendy Mahaffey White - guest
Elizabeth Isobel Cassidy Chatham
Claire Murphy - guest
Bill and Mary Cowan
Josephine Crossen (McNiff)
Dave and Paula Dandino
Amanda Dandino
Anthony Dandino
Jesse Heider - guest
John Davis
Liz (Diver) Davis
George Gleason - guest
John Magee - guest
Bridget Magee - guest
Ed and Leslie Dawson
Noel Anderson - guest

Carol Patrick - guest
Kathleen Gallagher Dunlap
Denise Dunlap

Robert Faunce and Avril Lappin Trenkler
Gene and Lucia Graeff
Ginger Hansen
John and Regina Hart
Denny and Joan Hegdahl
Joyce Kent
Martin McGowan - guest
Marion McGowan - guest
Margo McAfee - guest
Mark Barr - guest
Seamus Boyle - guest
Siobhan Boyle - guest
Dave and Kathleen Kier
Beth Durling - guest
Dennis and Rosemary Kolodziej
Michael Larsen
Jim and Phyllis Logan
Kieran Logan - guest
Caroline Logan - guest
Ted and Sandra Malcor
Audrey Wallace - guest
Shiela Christie - guest
Connell Christie - guest
James McBride
Jean McBride
Lee and Angela McConaha
Elaine McIntyre
Ward and Jerri Mills
Steve and Bernadette Moore
Karl and Ann Nitschke
Maria Trombley - guest
Dom Harkin - guest
Patsy Moore - guest
Berna Moore - guest
Daphne Partridge
Monica Porter
Sonia and Steven Rose
Agnes Campbell - guest
Liam Doherty - guest
Mike Quinn
Dwight and Susan Ramey
John and June Reigle
John and Patricia Sadler
Christina, Julia, and Sofia Sadler
Leo Sangiolo
Malon and Mary Self
Marvin and Bernadette Simon
Frank and Eva Smith
Margaret Nicholl - guest
Fr. Crowley - guest
Geraldine Crowley - guest
Fr. Deeney - guest
Ron Spadafora
Roy Spencer
Richard and Eilish Stacy
James McCallion - guest
Mary McCallion - guest
Frances Surko
Rosaleen (Lynch) Walters
Kathleen (Lynch) Weiler - guest

Veronica Plowman Wardlow
Forrest and Linda Wheat
Michael Wheat
Ken and Irene Williams
Richard and Kathleen Williams
Agnes Doherty
Marie Doherty Moul
Jim Doherty
Betty Patch - guest
Robert Gillespie - guest
Myra Gillespie - guest

Name in BOLD indicates latest entry.
Name in
"BLUE" indicates paid attendee.
Name in "BLACK" indicates tentative attendee.
If you believe that your name should be listed or is incorrectly listed, please contact Dennis Kolodziej.

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