Attendee List for 2015 Derry Reunion, as of 30 July 2015.

Howard and Juliette Batchelor
Tom Beyer
Catherine Mintern - Guest
Philomena Stratton - Guest
Catherine Rasmussen - Guest
Bob Bogema
Justin Bogema - Guest
Shiela Gallagher - Guest
Joe McLaughlin
Chuck Brozek
Edward and Leslie Dawson
Noel Anderson - Guest
Carol Patrick - Guest
Denis and Patricia Doherty
Kathleen Gallagher Dunlap
Denise Dunlap - Guest
Frank Ekstrom
John Shanahan - Guest
Avril and Bob Faunce
Margaret Hayes - Guest
Kimberley Hare - Guest
Judy Moore - Guest
Noel Moore - Guest
Kevin Kinde - Guest
Katrina Doherty - Guest
Gene and Lucia (Fiorentini) Graeff
Susan 'Ginger' Hansen
Denny and Joan Hegdahl
Jim and Veronica Henderson
Angelique Falkenberg - Guest
Connor Alexander - Guest
Peter McCready - Guest
Patsy McCready - Guest
Patrick McCready - Guest
Mary McCready - Guest
Harry Clifford - Guest
Margaret Clifford - Guest
Geraldine McCready - Guest
Gladys Ming Kendrix
Dorothy Callen - Guest
Joyce McGowan Kent
Martin and Marion McGowan - Guest
Mandy Hale - Guest
Fiona Quinn - Guest
Carmel Dunne - Guest
Sinead Dunne - Guest
Mark Barr - Guest
Dave and Kathleen Kier
Gerry O'Flaherty - Guest
Veronica O'Flaherty - Guest
Dennis and Rosemary Kolodziej
Barbara Coble - Guest
Sheryl Hodge - Guest
Sarah O'Hagan - Guest
Wendy O'Hagan - Guest
Jim and Phyllis Logan
Kieran Logan - Guest
Dermott Logan - Guest
Caroline Logan - Guest
Anne Logan - Guest
Ted and Sandra Malcor
Audrey Wallace - Guest
Elaine McIntyre
Ward and Jerri Mills
Ted and Cindy Nevels
Neil Nevels - Guest
Hugh Kearney - Guest
Brenda Kearney - Guest
Tom Pacileo
Daphne Partridge
Ron Phifer
Janet Borla - Guest
Jean Ramsey
John and June Reigle
Matt Jaworsky - Guest
Jan Jaworsky - Guest
Mark and Diana Roach
Malon 'Butch' and Mary Self
Jimmy Doherty - Guest
Margo Doherty - Guest
Pascal Harper - Guest
Elizabeth Harper - Guest
Ronald Spadafora
Bonnie Stretz - Guest
Sheyenne Stretz - Guest
Richard and Eilish Stacy
James Harrigan - Guest
Anne Harrigan - Guest
Geraldine McCallion - Guest
Mary McCallion - Guest
Frances Surko
Margie Rooney Tesoriero - Guest
Paddy Roddy - Guest
Catherine Mullan - Guest
John Mullan - Guest
Rosaleen Lynch Walters
Kathy Lynch Weiler
Kitty Doherty Williams
Willie Deery - Guest
Robert Gillespie - Guest
Myra Gillespie - Guest
Mary Kearney - Guest
Sadie Rogers - Guest
Susan Elfsten York
Dwight York - Guest

Name in BOLD indicates latest entry.
Name in
"BLUE" indicates confirmed attendee.
Name in "BLACK" indicates tentative attendee.
If you believe that your name should be listed or is incorrectly listed, please contact Dennis Kolodziej.

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