Attendee List for 2019 Derry Reunion, as of 2 August 2019.

John W Adam Jr
Dolores McGlinchey
Kathy Solis - Guest
Ken and Pam Baker
Myra Banks
Juliette Batchelor
Bob Bogema
Laura Noeth - Guest
Shiela Gallagher - Guest
Joe McLaughlin
Chuck Brozek
Anthony Brozek - Guest
Dave and Paula Dandino
Denis Doherty
Patricia Doherty - Guest
Brian Dunn
Maggie Dunn
Worren Ramos
Kathleen Gallagher Dunlap
Denise Dunlap - Guest
Daniel and Heather Esposito
Gordon Rogers - Guest
Sharon Rogers - Guest
Frank and Yolande Martin Ekstrom
Ursula Clifford - Guest
Margaret Curley - Guest
Dennis and Lorraine Fitting
Peter and Mary Helen (Clarke) Gordon
Pauline Campbell - Guest
Gene and Lucia (Fiorentini) Graeff
Ginger Doherty Hansen
Daphne Mullan Partridge
Frances McCool Surko
Dennis and Joan Hegdahl
Mary McCready Hudgins
Anna Olivant - Guest
Peter McCready - Guest
Patsy McCready - Guest
Patrick McCready - Guest
Mary McCready - Guest
Geraldine McCready - Guest
Margaret Clifford - Guest
Harry Clifford - Guest
Gladys Ming Kendrix
Dorothy Callen - Guest
Joyce McGowan Kent
Dave and Kathleen Kier
Dennis and Rosemary Kolodziej
Walter and Barbara Loveless
Ted Malcor
Sandra Malcor
Elaine McIntyre
John McCrossen
Ward and Jerri Mills
Stephen and Bernadette Moore
Ted and Cindy Nevels
Neil Nevels - Guest
Marissa Nevels Guidry - Guest
Hugh Kearney - Guest
Brenda Kearney - Guest
Erin Kearney - Guest
Danielle Kearney - Guest
Jamie McIvor - Guest
- Guest
Daniel J. O'Neill
Rose Gallagher Orlando
Don McAnaney - Guest
Pat McAnaney - Guest
Thomas F. Pacileo
Corrie Waarum - Guest
Thomas B. Pacileo - Guest
Patricia McBride Peters
Monica Porter
Michelle Bishop - Guest
Jacqueline Duvall - Guest
John McGee - Guest
Mina McGee - Guest
Drew and Sheila Ranier
John Reigle
Mark and Diana Roach
Wayne Rousseau
John J. Ryan
Richard and Eilish McBride Stacy
Anne Harrigan - Guest
James Harrigan - Guest
Geraldine McCallion - Guest
Mary McCallion - Guest
James Sullivan
Joseph Sullivan - Guest
Ned Fegan
Willie Deery - Special Guest
Joseph Visco and guest
Joseph and Sue Voll
Amy Young - Guest
Sophia Young - Guest
Rosaleen Lynch Walters
Joseph and Maria Waters
Roger and Theresa Weimer
Vincent Curran - Guest
Thomas E. Wood

Name in BOLD indicates latest entry.
Name in
"BLUE" indicates confirmed attendee.
Name in "BLACK" indicates tentative attendee.
If you believe that your name should be listed or is incorrectly listed, please contact Dennis Kolodziej.

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