ET Dennis Kolodziej's Pictures from his tour 1974-1977

ET Dennis Kolodziej, Circa 1976

Dennis in his Dress Blues, Circa 1975

The 'Hayloft' and The 'Spinner Club'
The black and white building in the middle of the picture (being held up by wooden supports) housed these two early 70's favorites.
The Hayloft was upstairs, The Spinner Club in the basement.
Picture taken in 1979

Two years later, 1981, the building that housed the 'Hayloft' and the 'Spinner Club' was gone

Business Card of Ken Gallagher
Ken operated both The Hayloft and The Spinner Club

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu, Base Mess Hall, 1974

Christmas Dinner Menu, Base Mess Hall, 1974

QSL Confirmation, Confirming Report of Receptions, Circa 1974

ET Wayne Kohlmeyer, ET Dennis Kolodziej, ET Bowen, Circa 1976

ET Morris 'Pete' Peterson and ET Dennis Kolodziej in London, Circa 1975

Sampson Hall Parking Lot, Circa 1976
Sampson Hall is on the left, the old Quonset Hut EM Club (now Chiefs Club) is on the far right.

Patty McDermott, Circa 1976

Bridgin Norrby and Mary Nash, Circa 1975

Bridgin Norrby and Mary Nash, Circa 1975

RM Boe Campbell at Lough Swilly Beach, Circa 1975

EOCN Dave Dandino and ET Mike Thompson, Circa 1976

RM (?), and ET Mike Thompson, Circa 1977

ET Bowen and Patsy Kohlmeyer's sister (?), Circa 1976

RM Mark Stratton, Philomena McStravick Stratton, RM Tom Beyer, Catherine McStravick, Annette Maguire, Circa 1977

ET MIke Thompson, RM Mark Stratton, Catherine McStravick, Circa 1977

Anne (Carlin) Bogema, Dennis Kolodziej, Kay (Brown) LeMoyne, Circa 1977
Dennis' 23rd Birthday Party

EOCN Dave Dandino, Circa 1976

Kay (Brown) LeMoyne, Anne (Carlin) Bogema, Circa 1977

Mike Thompson, Bob Bogema, Anne Bogema, Circa 1977

Bob Bogema, Annette Maguire, Circa 1977

Initiation Form and Key for Dennis Kolodziej to the First Class Petty Officer's Club

ET Dennis Kolodziej's Base Decommissioning Lighter, Circa 1977

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