Pictures from RM Frank Bertke's Tour (1972-1974)

But First!
Here's Frank in Full Highland Attire! Circa: 1992
Frank plays bagpipes with Cincinnati's "Caledonian Pipes, Drums and Dances"

Debbie Dupree, Frank Bertke, and Sue Miller

Gary Blasingame

Master at Arms Office, Can you identify this sailor?

1970's Front Gate to the Base

Two Dancers at the EM Club. Dolores Beauchamp (in Black Dress) and ?

One Dancer at the EM Club. Identity?

Receiver Antenna Field

Joe Yother

Frank Bertke's Motocycle

The Rec Room, 1970's. Identities???

Eldridge Camile Delatt III (Grit)

John Bessrock

Crossing the Craigavon Bridge

Joe Yother

Frank Bertke suited up for a ride around Derry

Feakell Ireland

Feakell Ireland

Frank Bertke

Frank and his Mom who came over for a visit

Gary Blasingame and Frank

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