The following pictures are from RM Jerry Keenan's tours in 65-67, 69-70, and 75-76

Stan Rogers, Crawford Square Flat: Circa 1965

RM Bob Dimmett, Crawford Square Flat: Circa 1965

Chick Surko, with Fran McCloon (later to become his wife): Circa 1965

ET Ray Hilla, Crawford Square Flat: Circa 1965

Christmas in Derry, 1965
On the Strand, in front of Wellworth's Store
RM3 Jim Costley (Maine), RM3 Charlie 'Mitch' Mitchell (Virginia), RM3 Jerry Keenan (New York),
with an unidentified Derry Lad.

View of Base from the Receiver Site: Circa 1976

Antrim, and Glenshane Pass: Circa 1976

RM3 Kathryn Delahanty, near Letterkenny: Circa 1976

US NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry ZIPPO Lighter: Circa 1977

RM Kathryn (Delahanty) Keenan: Circa 1979

RM Jerry Keenan: Circa 1979

Jerry and Kathryn (Delahanty) Keenan: Circa 1979

Kathryn (Delahanty) Keenan's Base Plaque: Circa 1977

An earlier Base Plaque, made of plaster: Circa 1975(?)

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