The following pictures are from PO 2/c Herbert Paul Spencer during his tour of
1942 - 1944

Capt Larsen playing golf (Herb served as his caddy)

Herb leaning against CO Commodore McDonald's car

Elanor Roosevelt's visit to Londonderry from "This I Remember" pgs. 270 - 271

In front of Talbot House where Commodore McDonald and Herb were billeted
The house belonged to the Captain of HMS Londonderry
Vehicle is a Buick Sedan

SF 2/c Herbert Paul Spencer - Chauffeur and Body Guard for Captain Larsen and Commodore McDonald

I left New York on the George F. Elliott on Feb 19, 1942 and arrived in Londonderry, where I became Chauffeur for Capt. Larsen until he left at the end of 1942. I then became the Chauffeur for CO McDonald. I left with him in 1944 when we went to England to prepare for the invasion.
I had the privilege of staying in the mansion with the Captain and then the Commodore. I chauffeurred a lot of famous people for the CO while I was stationed at Londonderry. One of those persons was Eleanor Roosevelt, who mentions staying at the mansion in her memoirs and includes briefly about receiving two ashtrays that the men made for her and the President. The men often made such things as ashtrays and other metal things to give away.

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