RM Rick Cavazos' pictures for his two tours: 1966-70, and 1975-70

1966-1970 Tour

The Base 1967 Soccer Team

Back: Ted Mance, Willie Braun, Lt. Yeutter, Tony Belke
Middle: Larry Funk, Joe Kill, Mike Danaher, Capt. Zane
Front: Rick Cavazos, Carl Campbell, Kenny Hayslip, Richard Chasey
(Missing from photo: John Duddy, and Bosco Harkin)

Creggan Heights Neighbors: Betty McMonigal, Frances and Bridget McCool

Bridge McDaid and Tom Bashaw, at the EM Club

1975-1977 Tour

Tom Beyer, Steve Simcic, and Mike Harlan

New First's "Tacked-on" 1976

Back: The "Old Salts": John Boyda, MAA ? Egan, Rick Cavazos
Front: The New Firsts: Ronnie McCall, Dick Pruden, Del Taylor, Len Joslyn.

Indoctrinating the New First's 1976

L-to-R: Ned Fagan (Barman), George Galligan (the Budda Belly), Richard Pruden (Kissing the Budda).
Back Center: UNK, Jerry Keenan, MAA ? Egan

The 1977 Base Soccer Team

Back: J.D. Smith, Mark Roach, Matt Doherty, Gary Whitehurst, John Reigle, Tony Harkin, Dick Colchord
Front: Rick Cavazos, Thomas Kearney, Steve Mertz, Mickey Doherty

Celebrating Soccer Championship

L-to-R: Steve Mertz, Bryan Dunn, Dane Judd, Roy Seddon (Coach), Gary Whitehurst, Rick Cavazos, John Reigle, Dave Tochinni.

RMCS Rick Cavazos and his son, Richard, Circa: 1992

The following three pictures are from a 1992 reunion in Derry
Top: Derry Gate Guard Willie Cannon his wife (?), and Bridget (McCool) Cavazos.
Middle: Rick Cavazos, Derry Lord Mayor (name?), Pat Aquino, John Griffin.
Bottom: Bridget (McCool) Cavazos, Frances (McCool) Surko.

Civilian Cook (70's) Frank McConway and Lilly Gallaher at 1992 reunion.

Jim Henderson, Len Joslyn, and Rick Cavazos, Circa: 1994

Jim Henderson (CYN 66-67),
and his Derry Bride Veronica (McCready) Henderson
Circa: 1994

1981 Memorial Service for RMCS John T. Fout (58-60, 68-70)
Son John, Wife Mary (Doherty) Fout, his brother (?), Son Charles, Rick Cavazos, John Calopietro.
Smyrna, Delaware.

"End of Tour" for RMCS Rick Cavazos, with wife Bridget, Circa: 1992

Cavazos Family at the Christening of the "Wean", baby Heather Cavazos, Circa: 75-77
L to R: Juanita, Bridget, Rick, Richard, and Father Mac.

Rick and Bridget's daughters today: Juanita and Heather Ann Cavazos

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