The following pictures were submitted by CYN Jim Stanton
1970 - 1971

A sunny Saturday afternoon in Creggan - July 1971
Tearing up the sidewalk to have things to throw at the Army

The Army preparing to advance

The Army advancing

The Army moving back after firing rubber bullets

Someone throwing a rock at an army vehicle
The rock is the blur above and slightly to the left of his head

People watching some kind of vehicle being overturned and set on fire

The vehicle burning, probably half an hour later

The day before Thanksgiving - 1971
Everyone with a November rotation date chose to leave that day so we'd still be home for Christmas
There were so many of us that someone decided, rather than reimburse all of us for getting to the airport in Belfast, it would be cheaper to charter an Ulsterbus

Eddie Campbell - Tom Braden - Ron Strickland - Jim Stanton

Butch Dudley - Denny Defendi - Kyle Askew - Jim Stanton - Ron Strickland

Gary Nicholson on the beach at Downhill - June 1970

David "Bo" Bodine on the beach at Downhill - June 1970

David "Bo" Bodine in Moville - summer 1970

Jim Stanton in Moville - summer 1970

Jim Stanton on the Derry wall - fall 1970

Jim Stanton at Trinity College, Dublin - spring 1971


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