Art Waterbury, RM 1956 to 1958

Son Christopher's Baptism, February 4, 1958.
Godparents Phylis and Thomas Furey of Donegal, Juliette and Art Waterbury

(1) Art, Juliette, and dog Kirby in 1956
(2) Art, with Derry Friends Monty and Cliff, and Dog Kirby, 1956
(3) Art and Juliette at the base EM Club, 1958

(1) Juliette Waterbury with neighbor Penny at 34 Ivy Terrace, Derry, 1958
(2) Art and Son Christopher at 34 Ivy Terrace, Derry, 1958.

RMC Art Waterbury's Retirement, 1972, at Scotia, New York

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