The following pictures are from RM Jim Sullivan's tour 1964 - 1965

The Base Basketball Team at Tralee, Ireland: Circa 1965
Top: Rich McLean, Jim Sullivan, Chuck Pattinson, Jerry Thibault, Mike Kelly
Bottom: George Galligan, John Flynn, Gerry Heimbigner
Not Shown: Mike Brown, Bob Allard, Bruce Worth, Keith Brazill

Jim Sullivan Circa: 1965
After he made RM2

The Base Mess Hall and Cook Staff: Circa 1965
Jack Collins, Jerry Gallagher, John McGowan, ?, Matt Doherty

"Old Glory" flying at the Base entrance off Clooney Road: Circa 1965

The Commanding Officer and Executive Officer Homes: Circa 1965

Playing Pool in the Dayroom: Circa 1965
CS1 'Cookie' Wright (I think), and BMC William Ulrich (I'm sure)

John Chisholm, Joe Visco, Merlo, and Jim Sullivan following an inspection: Circa 1965

Joe Visco, Steve Dacey, and Jim Sullivan following an inspection: Circa 1965

Former touch-football field outside the Barrack's Dayroom, eventually a second wing was built here: Circa 1965

Bishop Street from the top of the Wall: Circa 1965
Looking towards The Diamond, with The Guildhall further back

Carlisle Road from the top of the Wall at Ferryquay Gate: Circa 1965
Looking back towards the Craigavon Bridge, with the green fields of the Waterside on the horizon. I suppose there are houses in those fields now!

Steve Dacey on the Wall: Circa 1965

Bob Allard , RM, Circa: 1964

Richard Fleischmann, RM, Circa: 1964

1964 Base Christmas Card

Jim Sullivan and Steve Dacey, Nesquehoning, PA, 1997

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