The following pictures are from YN Joe Couch's tour 1962 - 1964

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The Base Soccer Team: Circa 1963

Top: (?), (?), Bill Copp, Liam Smyth, Chief Sheppard, (?), John Hart, Paul Caffaso, Joe Orban, Moe Hart, Jesse Adkison.
Bottom: ET Karl Nitsche, Danny McNickle, (?), Les Palangia, Tom Porter, (?), Danny Carlin, YN Joe Couch.

The Base Soccer Team: Circa 1964

Top: ET John Hart, ET Paul Cafasso, RM Bill Copp, ET Les Palangia, Local Civilian?, PN Tom Porter
Bottom: RM Owens, YN Joe Couch, Danny Carlin, PN Dave Washburn (maybe), ET Frank Ekstrom, RM Harold V. Marsh

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