The following pictures are from RM Len Joslyn's tour taken at the July 4, 1976 Celebration - "It's a Knockout Competition"
Submitted by Amanda Joslyn Krueger

RM Rick Cavazos indicated these were of the First Class Team
In addition, Rick indicated that wives on base were each escorting a child from Derry for the festive day!

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Lot of people there - Len in competition

ET McMakin? and Len in competition
(In Background - L to R)
CE Les Culp - UT Brown - RM Ed Kleynen - DP Bill Ertel (white hat) and RM MacNamara (red stripe shirt)
Bridget Cavazos (red hooped top - kneeling in middle)

Barbara Mann in competition
(In Background - L to R)
Helen Ennis - RM George Gallagan - Len - Culp - Brown - Kleynen - Mac Namara - Philomena McChrystal - Pat Calopietro (holding baby) - ET Dennis Kolodziej (green t-shirt)
Bridget Cavazos (middle) - Jean Rush (far right-sitting on ground)

Glen Keegan or Jeff Chatham??? (far left) - Len - George - Rick Cavazos - Red Mann - John Boyda (back to camera) - Ertel - MacNamara
Bridget (front row kneeling)

Len going down slide - Rick - Glen/Jeff???
Red Mann (getting ready to go up the slide)

Len Joslyn



Helen - Len - Rick
"Human Wheelbarrow"

Rick - Len in "Tug of War"

50 cents "The Dunk-In Booth"

George Galligan - Red Mann - Len
? - Barbara Mann - Helen Ennis - Rick Cavazos

Myra Gallagan (standing - looking to right)
"On Rope" - Rick - Len - Helen
Margie Rooney (far right)

XO - Cdr McManis (far left) - Les Culp (middle) - Dennis Doherty (Civ-Sampson Hall) - Ed Kleynen (far right standing)
"On Rope" - Rick - Len - Helen - Red

ET Rick LeMoyne (standing by Navy van) - XO (far right)
Mary Harlan (sitting far left)

Rick Cavavos - Barbara Mann - Helen Ennis

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