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Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 13, 2006


The Board meeting, held via telephone conference call, was called to order at 6:10pm by President Frank Smith.

 In attendance: Frank Smith, Mike Anderson, Jim Sullivan, Ron Spadafora, Dennis Kolodziej.  Absent: Ted Nevels.

 Update on the Derry 2007 Reunion

 Following the meeting agenda, Frank Smith asked Jim Sullivan for an update on the status of the Derry 2007 reunion.

 Sullivan reported on:  

(1)    The current results of the e-mailing to the membership regarding their likelihood in attending the Derry Reunion. These are: Total membership: 582; Number without e-mail, or with invalid e-mail addresses on file: 158; Number contacted with valid e-mail addresses: 424; Number responding NO: 59; Number responding MAYBE: 190; Number not heard from: 175.

(2)    The City Hotel, site of our Derry 2007 Reunion. Using our 2003 room requirements as a model, the hotel is holding a block of 60 rooms for our 2007 reunion, with more added if requested. They will hold these 60 rooms for attendee reservations until February 2007, at which time they will release any rooms not previously reserved. Note: rooms booked prior to the release date will be at the agreed upon room rates; after this date, rooms may be booked only if available and at the then going room rate. We’ll need to encourage members to book their rooms prior to February 2007.

(3)    The City Hotel is holding the Corinthian Ballroom (the largest) for our three reunion events: the Opening Night Members Only Reception, the Grand Gala Reception, and the Closing Night Dinner Dance. We will need to send them a 500 pound security deposit to hold this ballroom reservation.

 A discussion of the Derry 2007 reunion followed, with the following action agreed to be taken: (1) Sullivan will create post card to be mailed out to all members, except those previously responding NO, indicating availability of Reunion Registration Package on the website for printing, and also indicating how to request a mailing of the Package should the member not have access to the website. This mailing to be accomplished by Sullivan in the early fall. (2) Sullivan to create Reunion Registration Package for the website and for mailing to those who request mailing. (3) Sullivan to provide Treasurer Spadafora with contact information for making the necessary security deposit to the City Hotel.  

U.S. Navy Museum in Derry  

Next on the meeting agenda was the Hess Navy Museum Project, which is an effort championed by member Al Hess and his wife Betty, with the goal of creating a U.S. Navy museum in Derry.

Frank Smith asked Jim Sullivan, who had requested the inclusion of this topic in the agenda, to start the discussion. Sullivan asked if any board members knew the current status of what the Hess’ were working on, and if anyone had been in recent contact. A discussion followed, ultimately leading to Frank Smith agreeing to act as a committee of one to contact Al Hess to ascertain the current status of his and Betty’s efforts, and to reiterate the Board’s support of their efforts. Frank to report back to the board on his findings.   

Membership Voluntary Dues 

Next on the agenda was the current status of voluntary dues program ($10.00 per year), including the Lifetime Dues category ($100.00 one time payment). Spadafora provided an update of the current numbers in both categories, as indicated in his treasurer’s report. A discussion followed, resulting in the following action: (1) Sullivan will include information on the Lifetime Dues plan in the next e-mail newsletter. (2) Anderson will update the website to include Lifetime Dues information. (3) Anderson will update the website to include special “highlighting” of the names of annual dues payer, and Lifetime Dues payers.

 Alumni Association Derry Scholarship Program 

Sullivan asked for an update on the current status of this board initiative from the Scholarship Committee. Committee members Spadafora and Kolodziej provided information on the same, and a discussion followed, resulting in the following action: (1) The Committee was delegated the authority to design and implement a scholarship program to take effect for the years 2006, 2007, 2008, and to report back to the board with their completed design/implementation program. Kolodziej to contact the Western Education Library Board (WELB), or other relevant institution, to inform them of the Association's scholarship program, for 2006, 2007, and 2008, and to solicit assistance to develop a mutually acceptable selection process. If this appears to be unfeasible, an alternative plan may include donating equal amounts to the following schools:  Londonderry, Foyle, Thornhill, and St. Columbs Colleges. (2) The Board unanimously voted to fund the program in the amount of 1,000 pounds per year for each of the three years. (3) Board to request voluntary membership donation to this project, currently called the $500.00 Club, in which donors commit to giving $100.00 per year for 5 years. Any shortfall will be made up from the Alumni Association’s general fund.  (3) Anderson to update website with Scholarship Program information, and Sullivan to include in future e-mail newsletter.   

Election of Officers of the Board of Directors for 2007

As called for in the Association By-Laws, new officers for the year are elected at the first Board Meeting of the year. Nominations for board offices were called for and submitted, resulting in the following: President – Frank Smith; Vice-President – Jim Sullivan; Treasurer – Ron Spadafora; Secretary – Mike Anderson; Trustee – Dennis Kolodziej. Ted Nevels, the most recent “Past President” will be asked to continue in this capacity on the new board.

Old Business

 Frank Smith then asked for any Old Business that needed to be brought to the attention of the Board.

 Spadafora brought up the subject of this year’s “Late 50’s/Early 60’s Group” Mini-Reunion being held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, from October 18, 2006 through October 21, 2006, at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Hotel. He noted that Len Kafer will be back in the states in mid-July. Note: Information is currently in the website’s guestbook. Contact person is Len Kafer.  As usual, all members, regardless of era, may attend. Sullivan will include information in the next e-mail newsletter.

New Business

The following items were discussed under New Business.  

(1)  Board Nominations: The lack of nominations of members to serve on the Board of Directors. Why aren’t other members “stepping up” to serve on the board? The board decided to continue to follow the by-laws and ask for nominations each year and hopefully get some new blood involved in the coming years.

(2)  Association Growth: We appear to have leveled out on growth in membership. Can more be done to locate possible new members? Kolodziej offered to contact Association Historian, Jerry Keenan, to ascertain if he might have access to navy files indicating who served at Derry.

(3)  Website: Sullivan offered to take over the website responsibility from Anderson, who has performed those duties for over the past two years. Anderson and Sullivan will work on the transfer of website duties.   

There being no further business for the board, Sullivan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Smith, approved by all. The meeting ended at 8:00pm.

Submitted for approval April 18, 2006, by: 

Jim Sullivan, outgoing Secretary, USNLAA.

Approved as written and amended at the August 10, 2006, meeting of the Board of Directors.


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