U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association

Board Meeting Minutes: August 10, 2006


Board Members:

Present: Frank Smith, Dennis Kolodziej, Jim Sullivan, Mike Anderson, Ted Nevels

Absent: Ron Spadafora

Quorum present? Yes


Meeting called to order by President, Frank Smith

·        The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

 Old Business:

 It was moved and approved to publish the Association Board Meeting Minutes on the association website. Financial reports will be made available to members, upon request, to the Association Treasurer by mail. A SASE must be provided.

 Scholarship Committee Report by Dennis Kolodziej:

 Schools such as Londonderry and St Columbs, are similar to U.S. High Schools. Tuition and Fees are 100 percent subsidized with no tuition requirement for students. There is no large need for scholarship assistance. The possibility of assistance with a selection process by Western Education Library Board (WELB) does not seem viable since the WELB does not have convenient methods to screen students or academic records. In discussion with WELB it was suggested that the Association contact schools directly or award stipends to Northwest Institute of Further Higher Education or Limavady, which are both not funded. Universities get the main line of funding, and then funding is provided to secondary schools such as Northwest Institute of Further Higher Education. Dennis Kolodziej to follow up by obtaining additional information about this school from local Derry residents.  Provided that the feedback is positive, Dennis will then contact the school director to determine interest and details of award.

 2007 Reunion Update by Jim Sullivan:

 - Jim Sullivan needs decision on pricing for reunion.

- Opening night member reception. Jim Sullivan outlined the options including possibility of providing light appetizers plus tea and coffee. If the Association wanted to provide free beer, the price would be ₤228 ($448) per keg. There was a discussion about limiting attendance to members only or past employees of base and their immediate family. It was decided to permit ticket sales to: (1) members, and (2) those Base employees who have not yet joined the Alumni Association. They may purchase tickets for themselves, their spouse, and their immediate family members. It was agreed that the association would pay for up to 3 kegs of beer, and that the charge for the event will be ₤5.50 per person to cover cost of light appetizers.

 - Grand Gala (Wednesday, August 1). There was a question about setting a limit on guest tickets. It was agreed that attendance limitations will be decided based on final selection of site, between The City Hotel and the Millennium Forum. At the 2003 reunion held at The City Hotel we had approximately 460 attendees for the Grand Gala, and there were no charges for using the space. We currently have the City Hotel reserved for the 2007 event, again at no charge. The Millennium “Piazza” area can hold 550 to 600 people, standing (no tables) and would cost $1200 for the night. To rent the Millennium main auditorium, with 26 round tables, to hold 260 people, would cost approximately $3,150. It was agreed that the association would cover the cost of the band. The association will not purchase keg beer for this event.  It was requested that Jim Sullivan contact the Millennium and determine if they could provide seating for 500 plus (not large dinner tables), and what the total charges would be. The per-person ticket charge for this event will be determined once we have made a final decision on where to hold the event.  There was a general discussion about entertainment for the Grand Gala and the Dinner dance.  Suggestions concerning various bands were made and it was agreed to pursue contracting bands for both the Grand Gala and Dinner Dance. It was agreed that Irish dancing groups to be contacted for availability to perform at the Grand Gala.

 - Dinner Dance: Two options, a five course menu, one choice per course at price of ₤22.50 or a five course menu, choice of one of two main course at a price of ₤24.50. The board agreed on the second option (choice of main entrée). The charge for the event will be ₤24.50 per person to cover cost of the dinner. It was agreed that the association would cover the cost of the band. The association will pay for 2 kegs of beer.

 There was a discussion about providing a gift for members attending the reunion. Suggestions were coffee mug or special commemorative coin or token. It was agreed that Ron Spadafora would investigate options and report back to the Board.

 Discussion concerning advertising in various Veterans magazines and media about the Reunion. Jim Sullivan will contact all the magazines and organizations previously contacted prior to the 2003 reunion.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

 Minutes submitted by Secretary, Mike Anderson


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