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Our Derry Brides

        Approximately thirty-percent of our Alumni Association Members married women from Northern Ireland. This listing, which currently contains 165 names of wives, surviving widows, and ex-wives, was created in the hopes it will aid in reuniting old friends from among this special group of ladies. Additionally, "Other Derry Girls" are listed at the end of this section.

    New names, or new information,  added to the list each week are highlighted in YELLOW.  Invalid e-mail addresses are highlighted in LAVENDER.

The listing is ordered by: 

Bride's Maiden Name, followed by her husband's name, rating, tour in Derry, and E-Mail Address

Marian Adair, Mrs. James 'Jim' Nugent, YN, 61 to 64, james.c.nugent@saic.com 
Bernadette M. Barber
, Mrs. Stephen Moore, RM, 63-65 73-76, steve_moore1@msn.com
Eva Barnhill, wife of the late G.F. 'Frank' Smith, RM, 5/58 to 8/61, doireeva@aol.com
Carol Ann Barker, (deceased 1997), former wife of John Boyda, ET/CWO2, 67 to 70 and 75-77, womf75@gmail.com
Margaret Boyle, Mrs. David Bland, RM, 62 to 64, our_margaret@comcast.net  
Maire Bradley, Mrs. Andrew 'AJ' Kopiak, RM, 72 to 76, kopiakaj@state.gov
Eileen Brown, Mrs. Colm Cassidy, Civilian, 65 to 71, colmcass@utvinternet.com
Kathleen Brown
, Mrs. Mike Burns, ET, 7/62 to 2/64, mikeburns619@aol.com 
Rosaleen Burke, Mrs. Bill 'Jack' Elder, CYN, 8/71 to 1/74, wdelder@yahoo.com
May Burke, (deceased), wife of the late B J Tiernan, RM, 8/7
2 to 11/76
Joan Callan, (deceased 1/9/15), Mrs. Thomas Pacileo, RM, 60 to 61, tojopac@comcast.net
Jean 'Jinny' Canning, Ex-wife of Ed Kenyon, 68 to 70, ginnyusa@hotmail.com
Margaret Canning
, Ex-wife of Chuck Preston, 69 to 71, franklinmargaretusa@yahoo.com
Anne Carlin
, (deceased 9/16/14), Mrs. Bob Bogema, ET, 11/72 to 3/77, bbbogey@bellsouth.net
Elizabeth Isobel Cassidy, ex wife of Jeffrey D. Chatham, RM, 70 to 72, 74 to 77, isobel.chathan@btinternet.com   Isobel and others:  1977 - 2003 - 2014
Marion Cassidy, Mrs. Raymond McKelvey, ET, 2/71 to 7/76, invalid e-mail address
Mary Helen Clarke
, Mrs. Peter Gordon, RM, 71 to 73, pete.gordon1@verizon.net Theresa 'Terri' Clarke, wife of the late Dave Sterling, SH, 69 to 70, invalid e-mail address
Ethna Coyle, Mrs. Terry O'Haver, ET, 2/62-5/64, 10/64-5/65, tereth@att.net
Iris Coyle, Mrs. Roger 'Ray' Cooper, UT-Seabee, 53-55, LDERRY55@aol.com
June Crockett, (deceased 8/14/16), wife of the late Zackery Taylor, CYN/RM, 71-73, 74-76
Evelyn Iris Crone
, (deceased 8/1/08), wife of the late Lonnie M. Massey USMC(Ret), Civilian, 62 to 72, ulster65@earthlink.net   
Susan Maria Cullen, wife of the late Chuck Santini, RM, 75-77, ChuckMaria@live.com
Helen Curran, Mrs. Nelson Jackson, RM, 65 to 67, bikerjack09@gmail.com
Helen Curran, Mrs. Helen Roedenbeck, ex-wife of Jim Carlstrom, RM, 66 to 70, irishl@cox.net
Theresa Curran
wife of the late Roger Weimer, RM, 2/64 to 1/67, irish2in@frontier.com
Deirdre 'Deb' Devine, wife of the late Keven Land, RM, 7/57 to 9/60, vanitheekd@charter.net
Eileen Dillon
, (deceased 8/12/21), Mrs. James 'Jim' Alcorn, RM, 65 to 67, 69 to 70, jralcorn@aol.com
Christine Doherty, Mrs. William 'Bill' Lile, RM, 5/70 to 12/71, Bill@icmdirect.com

Dora Doherty,
(deceased 5/26/19), wife of the late Andy Melillo, RM, 57 to 61,derryyank@onetel.net.uk
Dympna Doherty
, wife of the late George Spaits, RM, 59 to 62, g.spaits@verizon.net 
Ethel Doherty, Mrs. Thomas Duck, RM, 7/62 to 2/64, thomlduc@aol.com  
Ginger Doherty,
wife of the late Gerald 'Jerry' Hansen, YN, 6/60 to 7/62, ginjersuex@aol.com
Kitty Doherty
, wife of the late Richard 'RC' Williams, RM, 61 to 64,  RichandKitty43@aol.com
Marie Doherty,
ex-wife of Dennis Moul, ET, 62 to 64, mmoulie@aol.com
Mavis Doherty
, wife of the late Neil Reese, SK, 4/60 to 5/63, creggan@aol.com
Nancy Doherty (deceased 12/24/03), ex-wife of Ken Williams, RM, 57 to 60
Rita Doherty
, wife of Charles Nenninger, CYN, 65 to 67
Sadie Doherty
, wife of the late John Mills, RM, 62 to 64, eiresadie@gmail.com
Addis Donnelly
(deceased), Mrs. Charles 'Bill' Broms, YN, 6/71 to 6/77, bbroms@cox.net   
Kathleen 'Lena' G. Donnelly, Mrs. Jay Arrowood, RM, 9/73 to 3/76, jarrowood@ec.rr.com
Sandra Dougherty, Mrs. Ted Malcor, RM, 11/71 to 5/74, malcor239@utvinternet.com
Delores Catherine Downey, Mrs. Jack Wrenn, RM, 71 to 74, nickie.wrenn@walsworth.com
Kathleen Duddy,
ex-wife of Peter Banta, RM, 10/63 to 10/67. eire4ever@icloud.com
Anna 'Angela' Duffy,
Mrs. Earle 'Lee' McConaha, RM, 62 to 65, elmcc_us@yahoo.com 
Frances 'Frankie' Duffy
, Mrs. Byron Hodgkins, RM, 2/60 to 6/62, doire@comcast.net
Patricia Elizabeth 'Betty' Duncan, wife of the late Aubrie 'Al' Hess, LT., 6/66 to 9/68, mammahess45@comcast.net 
Edith Emberley, Mrs. Tom 'Red' McHaffie, RM, 5/56 to 9/58, glendermott@juno.com
Eilish Friel, ex-wife of Jerry Thibault, RM, 65 to 66, EilishDerry@aol.com   
Sarah Catherine 'Kathleen' Fulton, Mrs.
Harold Stone, RM, 50-53; 60-63, hdstone@itlnet.net
Mona Gallagher, Mrs. John Kistner, LTJG, 56-57, jmkkistner@mymailstation.com
Rose Gallagher
, Mrs. Tony Orlando, RM/LT., 63-65; 75-77, roseorlando@cox.net
Sarah 'Sadie' Gallagher
, ex-wife of Stanley 'Stan' Rogers, RM, 65-67, 71-74, wayn5839@bellsouth.net  
Jean Gilmour, Mrs. Kenneth Ramsey, RM, 3/74 to 7/77, retnavyguy@earthlink.net
Margaret Green, wife of the late Paul Kearney, RM, 74 to 77, kearpjh@jea.com
Denise Greer, Mrs. Arthur 'Art' Wall, RM, 65 to 68, art.denise.wall@usa.net
Hannah Greer, Mrs. Alfred 'B.L.' Whitehead, RM, 63 to 64; 66 to 68, hannahwhitehead@comcast.net
Ellen Grimes, Mrs. Johnny Chapman, RM, 5/74 to 11/75, scrw1955@yahoo.com
Anna Guns, Mrs. Joseph 'Pat' Yerashunas, SW-Seabee, 50 to 52, invalid e-mail address  
Dorothy Heaney, (deceased 5/8/14), Mrs. Trenton 'Willie' Williams, RM, 62 to 63, trentondorothy@bellsouth.net
Harriet Heaney, wife of the late Luther F. (Buddy) Smoak, ET, 58 to 61, trentondorothy@bellsouth.net
Maureen Hegarty, Mrs. Les Helgeson, ET, 62 to 65, MaureenHelgeson@hotmail.com
Myra Hegarty, wife of the late Joseph Banks, RM, 62 to 65, martha.banks@sky.com
Dolores Holden
, Mrs. David Montague, RM, 1/60 to 7/62, invalid e-mail address
Josie 'Jo' Houston (deceased 7/31/03), Mrs. Arthur 'Art' Saraphis USN(Ret), SK, 61 to 62
Mary Hutcheon
, Mrs. William 'Bill' Cowan, RM, 70 to 72, bmdammekcowan@aol.com
Mary Jane 'Jennie' Hutton, Mrs. Donald Staggs, ET, 11/56 to 5/57, dnldstaggs@gmail.com
Josephine Kane, wife of the late George McNiff, SKC, 64 to 67, josphine.crossen@sky.com 
Maureen Kearns (from Sion Mills), Mrs. Roy Spencer, RM, 1/64-3/67; 3/69-3/73, sionmills@aol.com  
Christine Kelly, Mrs. Ronald 'Ron' Rogillio, LT, 11/69 to 7/71, Ron@Rogillio.net
Margaret 'Maggie' Kennedy
, Mrs. Richard 'Rich' Farris, RM, 9/71-12/72, 2/74-3/77, choicenctr@aol.com
Ann Kivelehan, Mr
s. Ken Mushitz, SK, 11/66 to 8/68, anniev_mushitz@yahoo.com
Cara Laird, Mrs. Benjamin Law, LT., 6/62 to 12/64, blaw58@aol.com
Avril Josephine Lappin, wife of the late Bob Faunce, RM, 61 to 63, robertfaunce@bellsouth.net
Marianne Lees, Mrs. Michael 'Bug' Crawley, RM, 3/73 to 12/75, mike.crawley@ntlworld.com
June Nuala Lepp, (deceased 12/17/21), wife of the late Charles Carpenter, RM, 62 to 65, n6cfq3@gmail.com

Ena Lloyd, Mrs. John Pearson, SK, 6/55 to 9/57, jepearson1@verizon.net
Letitia 'Ita' Loughrey, Mrs. Bill Copp, RM, 61 to 64, wcopp10486@aol.com
Rosaleen Lynch
, wife of William Walters, RM, 2/68 to 12/69
Marion Lyttle,
wife of the late Gary Williams, RM, 59 to 61, mxw4@psu.edu  
Margaret "Rita" Magee
(deceased 4/11/02), Mrs. Robert 'Link' Allard, RM, 64 to 67, agolfer44@aol.com 
Heather Mailey
, Mrs. Daniel Esposito, RM, 65-68; 74-77 heatheresposito22@gmail.com
Susan Martin, Mrs. Sanford Bernstein, , 1971, suszan317@aol.com
Yolande Martin, (deceased 10/18/19), Mrs. Frank Ekstrom, ET, 60 to 64, ekstromjfrank@gmail.com
Eilish McBride, Mrs. Rick Stacy, ET, 65 to 64, rickandeilish@aol.com
Irene McCafferty
, Mrs. Ken 'Willy' Williams, RM, 1/71 to 12/72, williams1950@gmail.com
Moya McCallion, wife of the late Curtis Harper, RM, 49-51, 65-68, laura.hamilton@derrycity.gov.uk
Vera McCallion
, (deceased 12/3/14), Mrs. John T. Crotty, ET, 7/53-1/56, jvejo@bellsouth.net
Cynthia McCandless,
Mrs. Paul 'PW' Wise, RM, 1/63-3/66; 1/70-7/75, paulhwise@home.com  
Mary McCauley
, Mrs. Larry Frame, ET, 6/66 to 7/68, lframe@aol.com 
Eileen McCay
, wife of the late John Kyle, RM, 61 to 65, etkyle@cox.net
Patricia McChrystal,
ex-wife of John Calopietro, RM, 68-70, 74-77, invalid e-mail address 
Margaret McCloskey
, Mrs. Dale Kindred, YN, 8/68 to 2/70, Derrygal94@aol.com
Sarah McCloskey,
wife of the late Lester Michiels, ET, 51 to 53, scfi44106@aol.com
Isabel 'Belle' McColgan
, Mrs. Robert 'Bob' Redmond, RM, 63 to 66, Derrywan@bellsouth.net Belle: THEN.
Lily McColgan
, wife of the late Dave Washburn, PN, 62 to 65,
Sarah McColgan (deceased), Mrs. Jim Mahoney, RM, 70 to 73,  invalid e-mail address
Anne McConnell, Mrs. Mike Quinn, ET, 71 to 74, derryann@md.metrocast.net
Siobhan McConway, Mrs. Mike Ponder, RM, 9/75 to 8/77, mpthermc@att.net
Bridget McCool
(deceased 3/2/12), wife of the late Rick Cavazos, RM, 66-70, 75-77, icavavosjr@rgv.rr.com 
Kathleen McCool
(deceased), Mrs. Steve Wisloski, ET, 8/69 to 2/71, stevewis@evenlink.com
Lorraine McCool
, Mrs. Tom Halvorson, EO, 69 to 72, halvorsontls@cs.com
Wilma McCool
, Mrs. James 'Bird' Youngberg, RM, 70 to 72, golfer762@aol.com
Ann McCourt
, (deceased October 27, 2015), Mrs. Jack Gemelke, RM, 3/67 to 3/69, egem23@aol.com
Geraldine McCourt
,  Mrs. Ron Zell, RM, 58-62, 64-65, invalid e-mail address
Mary McCready
, wife of the late Charlie Hudgins, RM, 1960 to 1963, the4simpsons@gmail.com 
Veronica McCready
, Mrs. Jim Henderson, CYN, 1/66 to 10/67, derryvon@aol.com  
Bernadette McGill
, Mrs. Gerald Freeman, YN, 5/68 to 11/69, LegalWizCPO1@aol.com  
Elizabeth McGilloway,
Mrs. Jim Owens, RM, 7/62 to 1/64
Margaret McGinley
, Mrs. Dave Tocchini, DT, 74 to 76,  mannutd@epbfi.com
Dolores McGlinchey
, Ex wife of John 'Boot' Adam, ET, 8/73 to 6/76, doloresmcg@hotmail.co.uk  
Julia McGonagle
, wife of the late H.G. 'Greg' Lunsford, RM, 5/48 to 12/49, slvrhand@aol.com
Joyce McGowan
, wife of the late William Kent, RM, 58-61, 64-67, box1kent@comcast.net
Rose 'Rosie' McGowan
, Mrs. John Bauer, ET, 3/67 to 2/71, bauerje98@cs.com
Maureen McGrory
(deceased 10/12/13), Mrs. Gordon Bauschka, RM, 6/66 to 5/69, digsco1@cox.net  a-derrygirl@cox.net 
Cathy McGurk
, Mrs. Robert 'Bob' Thompson, ET, 61 to 63, doire1@worldnet.att.net
Suzanne McIntyre
, Ex-wife of the late Robert Bruce Pearson, ET, 59 to 62, grannieof6@hotmail.com 
Kathleen McKinney, (deceased August 6, 2021), Mrs. Don Brotherton, RM, 65 to 68, elaine@igc.org
Eugenia McLaughlin, Mrs. Roger Cole, ET, 73 to 76, roger_cole@brushwellman.com
Evelyn McLaughlin, Mrs. Douglas Land, RM 7/66 to 10/68, evelan@tesco.net  Evelyn (and husband Dug) NOW
Mary J. McLaughlin, Mrs. Richard 'Dick' Newell, ET, 61 to 63, dick_newell@yahoo.com
Rosie McLaughlin, Mrs. Chris Boyles, RM, 4/75 to 6/76, ouicb@aol.com
Sarah (Nancy) McLaughlin
, Ex wife of Raymond Gilstrap, RM, 65 to 67, 69 to 71, gregorysarah@ymail.com
Tina McLaughlin
, Mrs. Dave Begey, RM, 75 to 77, invalid e-mail address
Jean McMonagle,
Mrs. Larry Sink, ET, 66 to 68, lsink@verizon.net
Margaret McNamara
, wife of the late D.L. 'Roy' Byford, RM, 66 to 68, mmbyford@yahoo.com
Gladys Ming, wife of the late Frank Kendrix, ET, 1958 to 1961, chakubla@yahoo.com
Anna Monaghan, Mrs. George 'Ski' Dajnowski, ET, 10/66 to 11/68, davedaj@verizon.net
Connie Moore
, Mrs. James 'Jim' Harris, ET, 5/65 to 9/68, jimharris@pomeroy-wa.com
Mary 'Terry' Mulhern (deceased 12/15), Mrs. Clements 'Clem' Kunda, RM, 2/67-5/70, 4/75 to 12/76
Derval F. Mullin,
Mrs. Terry Lee Yarnell, RM, 70 to 72, invalid e-mail address
Helen Mullin
(deceased 1/04/04), wife of the late Peter Pryor, RM, 62 to 65
Veronica 'Vonnie' Mullin
, Mrs.
Robert Fazekas, RM, 6/65 to 1/67, zeke180@sbcglobal.net  
Josephine Nash, wife of the late Walter 'Ski' Lisicki, RM, 66 to 70, wlisicki@aol.com  
Patsy Nash, Ex-wife of the late Wayne Kohlmeyer, ET, 70 to 76, patsykohlmeyer@hotmail.co.uk
Monica O'Connell, Mrs. Gary Paige, ET, 7/65 to 4/67, invalid e-mail address
Myra O'Neill
(deceased 02/16/06), wife of the late George 'Double-G' Galligan, RM, 63-65; 75-77,   Myra's: Photo
Roseleen O'Neill, Mrs. Marshall Davis Brown, ET, 6/72 to 6/76, mbrown2636@aol.com
Pearl Orr, Mrs. Alfred 'Dutch' Klingebiel, ET, 50 to 52, derrygirl@embarqmail.com
Roisin Owens
, M
rs. Denis McDaid, Civilian, 65 to 77, denis-mcdaid@btinternet.com
Margaret Palmer, Mrs. Terry Damron, RM, 12/74 to 10/77, MarleyPHD@comcast.net
Valerie Patterson
, (deceased 1988) Mrs. Joe Black, RM, 64  to 65, Valerie THEN.
Bridget 'Bridie' Philson
, Mrs. Larry Sorensen, ET, 64 to 68, bsoren07@getgoin.net
Veronica Plowman, (deceased August 4, 2014) wife of the late Ross Wardlow, RM, 71 to 76
Juliette Porter, wife of the late Howard Batchelor, BT, 66 to 69, howard.batchelor@btinternet.com
Ann Quigley, wife of the late Karl Nitschke (ET/WO/LT, 58-61,61-66,72-75), nstderry@bellsouth.net
Margaret Quigley, Ex-wife of the late Rod Tenney, RM, 62 to 65 
Violet  Elizabeth 'Betty' Ramsey, Mrs. Jerry Floyd, RM, 1/59 to 5/60, warrenpwilliams@email.msn.com
Pat Reynolds, (deceased April 19, 2015) wife of the late Artie J. 'Jonnie' Walker, RM, 63 to 65, walker7pat@charter.net
Dorcas 'Joan' Rodgers, Mrs. Harry Gustafson, ET, 12/51 to 1/54, hajo@earthlink.net
Margie Rooney, now Mrs. Margie Tesoriero, shantyt@aol.com
Dolores Scanlon, now Dolores Beauchamp, weegirlds@hawaii.rr.com
Moira Sharkey, wife of the late Mike Miller, RM, 56 to 59, 73 to 77 millermoira21@gmail.com
Lillian Sharpe, Mrs. Robert 'Robbie' Bloodworth, RM, 12/69 to 12/73, lfbceltic@gmail.com
Sheila Sharpe, Mrs. Lee Trani, ET, 5/73 to 9/77, ltrani@itouchcom.com
Ann Sidebottom,  wife of the late Charles Hill, HM, 60 to 62, irishann1e@aol.com
Elizabeth 'Betty' Snodgrass, Mrs. Joseph 'Joe' Wafford, RM, 3/74 to 7/76, waffordjoe@hotmail.com
Alice Struthers, Mrs. Robert 'Bob' Gradisher, RM, 64 to 67, bgradi@hotmail.com  
Geraldine Stewart, Ex-wife of Leland J. Bender, RM, 66 to 68, mgchapman@comcast.net
Anna Sweeney, (deceased March 17, 2018), Ex-wife of the late Lamont 'Goofy' Leon, RM, 66 to 70, wade337@hotmail.com
Marie Tallent, Mrs. Gary Whitehurst, RM, 70 to 71, 74-75, derrygirl2@hotmail.com
Ann Marie Travers, Mrs. James Dowey, ETR, 8/68 to 1/70, doweyj@hotmail.com
Yvonne Villa, Mrs. Paul Canik, RM, 6/65 to 7/67, nrthwds@comcast.net
Greta Walsh, Mrs. Dave 'Bart' Bartholomew, ET, 8/63 to 11/63, sailorbart@aol.com
Caroline Ward,
(deceased September 28, 2015) Mrs. Christopher Hicks, RM, 11/70 to 1/72, cthicks52@hotmail.com

Other "Derry Girls" who have requested to be listed....

Carmel Murphy, who lived in Creggan Estates, clairemcmurray308@btinternet.com

Philly Murphy, from Creggan Estates, now Mrs. Philly Egan, and living in Albany, NY, malingardens@hotmail.com

Marie Mc Nicholl, now Mrs. Marie Alfieri, mtcoc@aol.com

Valerie Perry, who was born in Derry in 1946, and who lived  at 21 Howard St., wrote us a nice letter and is looking for some of her old girl friends. She is now Valerie McAnally, and lives in Australia. Read her letter:  Read  Valerie can be reached via e-mail at: vmcanally@aapt.net.au  Val: THEN and NOW.

"From GI Brides to Golden Girls "
Lifestyle - Derry Journal 6 May 2011 Edition

The following was written by Claire Allan of the Derry Journal and submitted by 'Derry Bride' Isobel Cassidy. A story of four friends, Isobel Cassidy, Suzanne McIntyre, Sally Casey, and Daphne Mullan, being reunited after 49 years. "From GI Brides to Golden Girls": VIEW

"When the Yanks Come Into Derry"

This "ditty" has been performed at a number of past reunions by a group of Derry Brides. The original song lyrics were submitted recently by Art Saraphis for posting, along with a second verse which Art wrote. Art also informed us the melody is to the tune of "McNamara's Band". If anyone can provide details to the origin of the first verse, please contact the Webmaster.

Lyrics - First and second verses:

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