The following pictures are from RM Richard 'Russ' Russell's tour 1959 - 1961

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RM Richard Russell and his English bride Eileen - RM Danny White and wife - Ernie Draeger? - Rachel Draeger (wife of RM1 Ernie Draeger)
Transfered from NCS London with major relay
Location: RAF Ballykelly or ???

HM1 Charles Hill
Main Entrance - Enlisted Men's Barracks

Ned Fegan
EM Barracks Leader Laborer

Ritchie Savko?
In front of Old Communications Bldg - Tech Control Area

RMSN Bob Johnson from W Va - RMSN Gary Trim from Joplin MO - HM1 Charles Hill
In front of Old Communications Bldg

Shipquay St - Looking down toward the Foyle

ETN2 Walter Butler

RM1 Ernie Draeger with new daughter Sandy born in Derry

RM2 Virgil Mixon

RM3 Paul Leonard

RMSN Dave Stutler
EM Barracks - Side Entrance

ET1 Frank Partridge - MAA

PN2 Fergeson

Main Entrance
Galley - Old EM Barracks

The Diamond - Top of Shipquay St.

Presbyterian Church - Derry Side

Shipquay Place or Guildhall Square
Derry Walls - Looking toward Magazine Gate and Waterloo Place

Greater London Council HQ Building along side the River Thames

Howard Heusdens?

Bill Thomas - Howard Heusdens? - UNK

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