July 6-8, 2001 Virginia Beach Mini-Reunion

The Alumni Association's Board of Directors comes together for the very first time
on Thursday night at Jack Quinn's Irish Pub.
Frank Smith, Dennis Kolodziej, Jim Sullivan, Ted Nevels, John Reigle

Eva (Barnhill) Smith, Frankie (Duffy) Hodgkins, Jim Sullivan, Joan Ryland, Liz Davis

Thursday's Night Derry Girls

Winner of the "Alumnus coming the Furthest Distance" Award
Dave and Lilly (McColgan) Washburn, from Bremmerton, Washington.

Winner of the "Most Outlandish Straw Hat" Award
Rosaleen (McLaughlin) Barazzone

There was a tie vote for the "Least Changed Alumnus" Award between
(TOP) Bill Broms (YN, 1971-77) and
(BOTTOM) Dave Dandino (EO, 1975-77)

Group Picture of most of the 40 or 50 Derry Girls who attended

From the "SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE" Department
Dave and Margaret (Boyle) Bland, and Bob and Belle (McColgan) Redmond, Circa: 1964.

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