U.S. Navcommsta Londonderry Alumni Association

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Who We Are

        The Alumni Association was formed in the summer of 2000, by Dennis Kolodziej, Ted Nevels, John Reigle, and Jim Sullivan, for the purpose of reuniting those sailors and civilians, and their families, who served at the U.S. Naval Communication Station in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, during its years of operation, 1942 through 1977. To that end, this Alumni Home Page was created.  

        The Alumni Association is incorporated in the State of Louisiana as a Non-Profit Corporation; to see the Association's Incorporation documents, click on: Incorporation Certificate and By-Laws.  To read the history of the Alumni Association, click on:   History

        To view a picture of the original "2000-2003"  Board of Directors , click on:  The Board   

Voluntary Dues

        The Association has voluntary annual dues of $10.00 per year. These ANNUAL DUES are strictly voluntary.  Additionally, a LIFETIME DUES option is available for a one-time donation of $100.00. This option was made available at the request of members who desired an alternative to paying voluntary dues each year in support of the organization.

        Voluntary dues are used to defray the Association's business costs, for example: Post Office Box rental; Bank fees; Stationary; Postage; Web Site costs; as well as our Reunion start-up expenses, such as: deposits, telephone expenses, and printing and mailing costs.

        Please Note: The Alumni Association is a non-profit organization;  No member of the Alumni Association's Board of Directors receives monetary compensation for their work.

        To acknowledge our appreciation to those members participating in our  voluntary dues program, the web site will HIGHLIGHT their names in the Members List as follows:


  • BOLD NAMES indicate ANNUAL DUES paying member for the current year.

        The Alumni Association will not deny or revoke membership to any eligible member unable or unwilling to pay.   

        Additionally, the following members need not pay voluntary dues: (1) Eligible members that were stationed at the U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry or its predecessor command BEFORE the official ending date of World War II, December 31, 1946. -OR - (2) Eligible members that are permanently residing in Northern Ireland. 

        Your Check, made payable to U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association, or USNLAA for short, may be mailed to:

U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association
P.O. Box 108
 New Boston, MI 48164-0108

2021 Alumni Association Board of Directors


Shared responsibility by the Board of Directors


John Reigle
121 Bayside Dr.
Moyock, NC 27958 
e-mail: john@parkerreigleinsurance.com


Dennis Kolodziej
P.O. Box 108
New Boston, MI 48164-0108
email: ford427@peoplepc.com


Ted Nevels
2968 Johnston St.
Lafayette, LA 70503
email: nevels123@aol.com

The U.S. Navcommsta Londonderry Alumni Association Historian

Gerard P. Keenan

email: secureops@optonline.net


U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association
P.O. Box 108
 New Boston, MI 48164-0108