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Memorial Dedication Ceremony

30 July 2019

In Commemoration of the
United States Naval Communication Station
Londonderry Northern Ireland
1943 - 1977

"Our Legacy"  


Photos and News Articles of the Memorial Dedication Ceremony

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"Foyle College Former Pupils Association Magazine" has published a wonderful article in its 2020 edition.
Authored by Mr. William M. Lynn - Editor, the article covers our Memorial Dedication Ceremony.
The magazine can be viewed below, the article is on pages 50 - 52.

View Magazine

<55 minute video of the Memorial Dedication Ceremony was commissioned by the USNLAA and produced by the studio of Edward Doherty - Northern Lights Film LTD.

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Former Clooney Base Flagpole and Historical Memorial Marker Project

Below is the final proof of the memorial monument design

Manufactured of G654 Millenium Grey granite with a polished face and rough cut sides. The monument size is a height of 50 inches, width of 30 inches, with a depth of 12 inches at the base and 6 inches at the top, creating a slanted face.

Artwork includes the U.S. Flag, United States Navy seal, and U.S. Naval Communications Station Londonderry N. Ireland seal, with letter engraving in gold.

Note - Reference numbers represent dimension of feature in millimeters.


Mounument foundation installation complete  

Flagpole and Historical Memorial Marker  

Maureen Bauschka nee McGrory - Derry Bride
"In loving memory of Valerie Patterson Black" - Joe G. Black
"In loving memory of Anne (Carlin) Bogema" - Bob Bogema
"In loving memory of Ethel Doherty" - wife of Thomas Duck
"In loving memory of Joan M. Callan" - wife of Thomas F. Pacileo
"In loving memory of Charles ‘Charlie Echo’ Carpenter" - June Carpenter
"In loving memory of YNC Harvey Day" - Marie Day
"In memory of Richard 'Dick' Dionne" - Tom Conrad
"In memory of R.N. Elfsten" - Eileen Elfsten
"In loving memory of Thomas H. Porter" - Monica Porter
"In memory of RM2 A.J. 'Johnnie' Walker" - James Downs
Gladys Kendrix: In memory of ETC Frank Kendrix
James Sullivan: In memory of Steve Dacey and Tom ‘Diddybop’ Weber
"In loving memory of BT2 Howard Batchelor" - Juliette Batchelor

John 'Boot' Adam
Dolores McGlinchey
Ed Alvis
Kenneth Baker
Frederick Beiner
Richard Bellemare
Dave Bland
John Boyda
Tom Braden
Willi Braun
Charles Brozek
CAPT & Mrs Paul Byrd
Paul Cafasso
J.E. 'Boe' Campbell III
Thomas Conrad
Ken Craddock
Michael Crowley
Al Cullins
David Dandino
Robert Dimmitt
James Dodrill
Harry Dunlap
Frank Ekstrom
Dennis A. Fitting
Daniel Gelbman
Rick Gore
Gene Graeff
Ginger & Jerry Hansen
Edward Hedden
Dennis Hegdahl
Trudy Horridge
Sean-Pierre Hubble
Roger Iles
Joyce McGowan Kent
David Kier
Dale Kindred
John B. King
Merle Knapp
Dennis Kolodziej
Stephen Kreps
Louis 'Lou' Loria
Walter Loveless
Sarah Malcor
Ted Malcor
Earle McConaha
Elaine McIntyre
Dennis McMahon
Ward Mills
Stephen Moore
Edward J. Murphy
Ted Nevels
Rose Gallagher (Orlando)
Theodore Anthony (Tony) Orlando
Leonard Pfau
James Pfister
Ronnie Phifer
Dwight Ramey
Kenneth Ramsey
Drew Ranier
Robert Redmond
John Reigle
Mark Roach
Ron Rogillio
David Rossi
Wayne Rousseau
Richard 'Russ' Russell
John J. Ryan
John Sadler
Bill Scudder
Larry Sink
Ronald Sohns
Ronald Spadafora
Richard Stacy
James Sullivan
Clarence 'Joe' Thigpen
Joe Visco
Phillip Wade
John 'Larry' Wagner
Joseph T. Wells
John Whitlock
William 'Ken' Williams
Paul Wise
Jack Wrenn

Final Touchup On Our Flagpole 




Flagpole Arriving at Clooney 


Flagpole Collar Arriving at Clooney  


Flagpole Base 


Flagpole In Place 


Flagpole In Place 


14 April 2018 - Installation Complete 


Sir John Lawrence Statue and Londonderry High School Gate Posts relocated from the old Foyle College to the new Clooney Campus with our Flagpole in the background 


History of U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry

          U.S. Naval communications in Northern Ireland began out of necessity when the U.S. Naval Operating Base (NOB) at Londonderry became a center of military activity at the beginning of World War II. Allied communications centered around a radio facility which was established as an integral part of the Naval Operating Base (NOB) on 3 February 1942.  In 1943 the U.S. Navy acquired use of the land upon which the Clooney and Rossdowney compounds were later situated. 

        The U.S. Naval Radio Station (NAVRADSTA), Londonderry, was established as a separate activity from the U.S. Naval Operating Base (NOB) on 10 July 1944. Thus, this date is considered the actual commencement date of what was to ultimately become U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry. One month later, on 15 August 1944, the U.S. Naval Operating Base (NOB) was de-commissioned, leaving the NAVRADSTA, and its sailors, as the only remaining U.S. military activity in Londonderry. View the 1944 site plans for the Clooney base: View

        On 7 November 1950 the NAVRADSTA at Londonderry was re-designated as a U.S. Naval Radio Facility (NAVRADFAC).  View the 1955 site plans for the Clooney base View.  It was later designated a U.S. Naval Communications Station (NAVCOMMSTA) on 10 July, 1961.

        U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry was disestablished on September 30, 1977, ending a 35-year history of U.S. Naval communications in Londonderry, N.I., and ending what had been a very long and close relationship of U.S. Navy sailors with the Londonderry community.  

        At the time of its closing, U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry had been the oldest U.S. naval facility in Europe. No other U.S. military service organization served in Londonderry longer than the U.S. Navy. While the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marines served in Londonderry for approximately 3 years, the U.S. Navy proudly served for over 35 years.

        View a listing of all Base Commanders and Executive Officers from 1942 to 1977: View

        Read histories of the U.S. Navy Base in Derry, from 1942 through its closing in 1977.  Included are a copy of the 'Welcome Aboard' pamphlet from the late 1960's, the 1976 Change of Command Ceremony pamphlet, documents from the Base's Disestablishment Ceremony in 1977, as well as many other historical items: Historical File

U.S. Navcommsta Londonderry Alumni Association Historical Data Base

        Since its formation, the U.S. Navcommsta Londonderry Alumni Association (USNLAA) has been actively accumulating and storing member donated photos and memorabilia from our members tours of duty with the U.S. Navy in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, during those years the U.S. Navy Base was in operation in Northern Ireland - 1942 through 1977.  This collection is collectively stored in the  USNLAA Historical Data Base, copies of which are made available for purchase by Alumni Association members, historical researchers, writers, and others interested in the history of the U.S. Navy in Northern Ireland. 

        We invite our members to submit their photos and memorabilia, or copies of photos and memorabilia, for inclusion in the U.S. Navcommsta Londonderry Alumni Association Historical Data Base. All submitted items must be accompanied by a properly executed USNLAA Copyright form. To view and print this form, click on:  Submission Form 

        It is the policy of the USNLAA to own the copyrights to all copyrightable material in the USNLAA Historical Data Base, and to the individual contributions therein, in order to protect the interests of the USNLAA, and its members. USNLAA will make every reasonable effort to act in the interests of members and contributors to the USNLAA Historical Data Base, as well as in its own interests. For all third party republication requests, USNLAA requires that the consent of the USNLAA be sought as a condition in granting republication rights.  All questions regarding USNLAA copyright policy should be directed to the Webmaster - e-mail: webmaster@navcommsta-londonderry.freeservers.com 

Alumni Association Historian and USNLAA Historical Data Base Administrator

        Jerry Keenan (RM, 66-67, 69-70, 75-76) serves as both Historian and Historical Data Base Administrator of the U.S. Navcommsta Londonderry Alumni Association. If you would like to donate copies of photos and/or memorabilia for the USNLAA Historical Data Base, please contact the Webmaster at e-mail:  webmaster@navcommsta-londonderry.freeservers.com  , or via mail: USNLAA
PO Box 108
New Boston, MI 48164-0108
for instructions.   

Overhead View of NCS Londonderry, Circa 1960 




Overhead View of NCS Londonderry, Circa 1969 


Overhead View of Rossdowney Transmitter Site, Circa - Unknown
Can anyone date this photo?
Note the absence of both Knockwellan Park housing estate and four red/white transmitter towers in the background.


Overhead View of Rossdowney Transmitter Site, Circa 1969 


Overhead View of Rossdowney Transmitter Site, Circa 1960's 


Overhead View of NRS-T Dungiven, Circa 1969 


Photos of the former Dungiven Transmitter Site - 18 March 2013
Submitted by Seán McNicholl: View


The following Northern Ireland Survey Maps and Google Map Images shows the progression of the subdivison expansion and homes built where the antennas once stood.

Ordnance Survey Map of former Clooney Base - Circa 1983

Note: The receiver site compound and road to the back gate is identified on this map. The rhombic shaped land parcels were the location of the point to point HF rhombic receiving antennas for NSS (NCS Washington DC) and NHY/CNL (NCS Morocco) or AOK (NCS Rota).



Ordnance Survey Map of former Clooney Base - Circa 1994 


Ordnance Survey Map of former Clooney Base - Circa 1995 


"Google Earth" Satellite Image of former Clooney Base - Circa 2011 


"Google Earth" Satellite Image of former Clooney Base Receiver Site and Antenna Farm - Circa 2011

Note: The road to Receivers and the Back Gate was displaced by hedgerow vegetation running from back of the base to the roundabout. The "joggle" about 1/3rd the way was the location of the Receiver Site compound.


Remains of Sampson Hall - Circa 2012
Submitted by Michael 'Rocky' Clark


Gone, but certainly not forgotten ...
Clooney Base post demolition photos - Circa 27 May 2013
Submitted by Denny Hegdahl

View toward Main Entrance

View toward Sampson Hall 

View toward Base Housing and Tennis Courts 

View toward BEQ and Comm Center 

Our old flag pole  

View exiting toward Front Gate 

U.S. NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry Alumni Association
P.O. Box 108
 New Boston, MI 48164-0108