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Alumni Association News Bulletins, and Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

         The following "All Hands" News Bulletins have been issued via E-mail to all Alumni Association members who have a valid E-mail addresses listed on our website.   We have listed the News Bulletins here for those Alumni Association members who do not have e-mail -- After all, we do want to keep those members in the information loop, as well. 

        Additionally, the minutes from the Alumni Association Board of Directors meetings are also included below. 

  • To READ a specific Newsletter or Meeting Minutes, simply click on the desired subject.
  • If you wish to print a copy, use your internet browser's PRINT function.
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  • If you have a valid E-mail address on file with us, and you did not receive one or more of these Newsletters, please contact Web Master Dennis Kolodziej at e-mail: ford427@peoplepc.com to correct the problem.

09/14/2016: "Site Update News Bulletins - 28 Nov 2007 - 24 Aug 2016"

11/02/2006: "Month of November News Bulletin"

10/22/2006: "Board Meeting Minutes from August 10, 2006 Meeting"

10/03/2006: "Month of October News Bulletin"

09/07/2006: "Month of September News Bulletin"

08/10/2006: "Board Meeting Minutes from April 13, 2006 Meeting"

08/03/2006: "Month of August News Bulletin"

07/11/2006: "Month of July News Bulletin"

06/09/2006: "2007 Derry Reunion Hotel Information"

06/01/2006: "June 2006 News Bulletin"

05/28/2006: "New Webmaster and Website Update"

05/22/2006: "Virginia Beach Mini-Reunion"

05/18/2006: "Derry Scholarship Fund"

05/16/2006: "Lifetime Dues Option"

05/13/2006: "Board of Directors April 2006 Meeting Notes (Partial)"

01/12/2006: "Reunion Information for our Year 2007 in Derry"

Please read these notes: 

  • We currently have 155 members whose e-mail addresses are listed as being "invalid" in our Members List. Don't let this happen to you. If you change your e-mail address in the future, please inform webmaster Dennis Kolodziej of the new e-mail address. Many Thanks! 
  • Some members have contacted me indicating they have not been receiving these News Bulletins. The culprit appears to be their e-mail SPAM FILTER. So, if you haven't been receiving them, the problem probably lies there. You can correct this by modifying your e-mail SPAM FILTER to accept mail from Dennis Kolodziej's e-mail addresses: ford427@peoplepc.com AND ford427@att.net  Some of you might have to contact your e-mail provider. Obviously, if you are receiving them, you need take no action. 


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